How often do you seek for social media? Once in a day? Once in an hour? Or is it once in a minute? Yes, a study has found, a person checks his phone every 4 minutes, reaching it 80 times a day and the majority of usage is to scroll for social media.

Most of the people deny accepting the fact of being a social media addict even after spending 5-6 continuous hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Eventually, it has become a trend to be active on social media. But is it worth it?

Time for Reality Check

Madly chasing the viral trends, being anxious about getting more likes and comments on posts, trolling is a major priority these days. Believe it or not! The ‘Humanity’ is now hidden behind ‘Humour,’ and the addiction to social media is no less than consuming drugs. Though, it doesn’t physically harm but psychologically, it is hollowing the mental state of a person.

Chronic Stress

More than relieving the mind, it triggers stress either after reading a negative news or feeling anxious after getting fewer views or likes on posts than others, or headaches by continuous usage of the phone, mood swings, etc.


The cases of youth falling into depression are increasing more rapidly due to significant social media usage, and even studies have found, the older age people above 50 tend to be happier than the youngsters.

Real conversations

The stage has reached the level where family members sitting next to each other prefer to talk through chat at the moment instead of talking face to face. Literally, where are we moving?

Child-Parent Relationship

The cases of children dragging towards wrong discourse are majorly happening due to a communication gap between children and parents. Maybe because even parents are busy with endlessly scrolling their profiles.

Wastage of Time

People spend half a day looking at pointless updates. During free time, only a few people think of reading a book, having a face to face conversation, going out for fun instead they prefer to scroll their phones and spend the precious hours on the phone.

Sleepless Nights

Spending time on phone screen at night lowers the everyday functioning of brain memory and equally affects the body with a feeling of fatigue the entire day and poor concentration at work. Have a curfew for phone usage and set aside your phone 1 hour before you go to bed and notice how refreshed you will wake up the next day.

Below are some of the things you can try instead:

Conversate more

Try to divert your mind to pick up your phone in free hours. Whenever mind directs to use the phone to scroll social media, pick it up but not to scroll rather to call. Have a conversation on the phone, like old times.

Fewer Usage

Use social media maximum once a day, instead of opening it up every minute or hour. Doing this will create more concentration towards life and work, and you will be more focused.

Plan a Weekend

Plan a weekend trip and disconnect from your social life. Yes, it might sound weird but doing this will give you a more lively experience of nature and use this time to reconnect with your thoughts.

Play Time

If long hours at work stresses you and you think social media can de-stress you? Think again. It will only make you feel more exhausted. Instead, join a team. Spend your energy playing your favorite sport; it will drag you away from digital life and will help you stay in shape.

Its ok to use social media as it is an excellent source to stay updated but don’t overdo it. Try to have a real connection, read a book, set career goals. The world is your oyster!

Refer the above activities to fight your social media addiction, if you need any further help. Call or visit