Everyone in a relationship wants one basic thing – a healthy relationship! We all want a relationship that is filled with joy, happiness, and love. We want to feel supported and connected and at the same time feel independent.

If you feel like something might be wrong in your relationship and is affecting our well-being, trust your gut and get help.

Here are some of the reasons why a relationship might be suffering a faded bond.

  • Lack of Trust
  • Publicising Personal Conversation
  • Infrequent Communication
  • Behavioral issues
  • Different Priorities

If you think you relate to above circumstances and above-mentioned causes are affecting your precious bond? Then call us, and we will help you with the right support and help you get your relationship back on track.

Some advice to ensure your relationship stays healthy in the long run

Listen More

If you happen to have the same arguments over and over or your arguments never resolve. It may be time to listen more patiently. Listen to learn, to understand, not to defend yourself or showing what’s wrong with what you are hearing. Be specific about the problem, try not to resolve many things at the same time, stick to the problem at hand. Make sure you are not angry when you decide to talk.

Spend Quality Time Together

If you love someone, you need to cherish that person. Always be on a lookout to make new memories, plan a weekend getaway, go for a movie or dinner. Try to talk about positive and happy things when you step out, things that both of you enjoy. These outings are supposed to be fun and enjoyable for both, so make sure you pick something which you both enjoy.

Talk More, Really Talk

This step involves talking, and no yelling does not qualify as talking. If you get annoyed by some habit of your partner, try to look at from a different perspective or approach it differently. For example: If your partner leaves the wet towel on the bed every day. Instead of saying “You again did the same thing”. Try saying “I notice that a lot of times when if I ask if you could pick up a towel from the bed you say you will but then don’t, and then I get annoyed and nag you, and then you blow up. I’m wondering if we can do this differently.”

In addition to saying things differently. Sharing life decisions with your partner is good. If you have a new goal, share it with your partner. It generates a feeling of trust and compatibility in a relationship.

Maintain Privacy

Space is essential for a healthy relationship. When your partner asks for space it doesn’t mean they don’t love you or don’t want to involve you in stuff; it means the other persons need to do something to clear the head.

Getting too much involved and possessiveness creates chaos. So, give some space to one another.

Hopefully, these tips will help you approach your relationship problems differently. All you need to do is start small, and one change will lead to another.
You can make changes on your own, but it is a lot easier with support. For relationship advice visit We Listen.in.