Ever wondered why you end up stressing every day even after keeping yourself motivated and devoted towards life! It might be a reflection of daily bad habits that you unknowingly keep on following.

Some of the major stress causing habits –

  1. Poor Sleep- Working for late nights, surfing on social media, sleeping for more or less required hours lead to poor sleeping habits, which causes frustration and less concentration at work.
  2. Skipping a mealMorning breakfast is said to be the healthiest diet, a study of Spain declared people, who skip their breakfast have thickened arteries, which leads to early heart attack and strokes.
  3. Overthinking- The primary cause of feeling less energetic and having low mood is the result of thinking more than required. Taking every incident and conversation so seriously causes stress.
  4. Tech-Surfing- Digital gadgets make the life simpler but create a chaotic mind. Putting eyes on laptops and desktops at work, scrolling on the phone the entire day, watching television can make you lethargic.
  5. Caffeine intake- Tea, Coffee or other caffeine drinks are instant mood busters but not good for later hours, caffeine immediately makes a happy mood and distress mind but having more than 2 cups a day leads, to addiction and panic.
  6. Tobacco/Smoking-The most instant stress remover preferred by more than half of the world population is making the body and mind dead. The daily smoking habit diminishes the ability of a person to think and lowers the brain functioning in the long run.

Get over the fascinating-cum-harmful habits soon that are eventually deteriorating the capacity of the mind to think positive and dragging towards a more stressful livelihood. Replace the above patterns with new ones, which are equally mindful and peaceful-

  • Meditate in the morning for 10-15 minutes. It opens up the mind and creates new opportunities towards a happy
  • Take Healthy diet with more fiber and vitamin; it will keep you active, healthy and refreshed.
  • Connect with Nature by taking a daily morning and evening walk.
  • Conversate more with your family and the ones, who care for you
  • Open Up with new people and try to learn something from them. It creates more enthusiasm towards life and you make new relations, which is satisfying at the end of the day.

Change your daily habits and experience a new zest in you. If something still bothers, just call or visit WeListen.in. We Listen, We Help.